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NEW: Addi CraSyTrio Flexible Double Pointed Needles

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We are very pleased to offer you the new AddiCraSyTrio (known as Addi FlexiFlips dpns in the US).
The AddiCraSyTrio are a revolutionary new kind of double pointed needles that make it easier to work in the round.
Each of the three needles in the AddiCraSyTrio set is essentially a hybrid of a classic double pointed needle and a circular needle with a super-short cable in the middle.
AddiCraSyTrio needles are highly versatile and can be used for very small diameters such as baby socks as well as for hats or sleeves.
You are far less likely to drop one of your needles - which can be a problem with double pointed needles. The also travel better than traditional style DPNs - you are far less likely to drop stitches while in transit!
AddiCraSyTrio needles work really well for English style knitting but are suitable for all knitting styles - whether you are a continental knitter or prefer classic Australian/English style knitting. 
The AddiCraSyTrio needles come in seven different sizes from 2mm to 5mm. 
Quality made in Germany. 
(Video in German with English subtitles).

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