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We try very hard to provide the kind of friendly and supportive customer service you would hope for from your local yarn shop. So it's really heart-warming to receive your feedback when you felt that we have done well!

Thank you Michele, your kind words made my day! 

I ordered from you last Saturday...and I want to add a review but I can't find where on your web site, can you add this to your reviews for me

I highly recommend I will Knit..I was not too sure as to what wool I needed for my project..My email was answered within minutes and I recieved my wool 3 working days latter ...very professional service..it was a pleasure doing business with this company.

Michele Higgins, 30 August 2018

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  • My daughter bought me some Jo Sharp wool for my Mother’s Day present. I was able to knit a lovely warm jacket. As it was a complicated pattern that I adjusted to suit my purpose, I did end up having to undo quite a lot before it was finished, But the wool responded to my efforts beautifully. I even had enough wool left over so bought some more and made a vest. It was a great Mother’s Day present.

    Dorothy Toussaint on

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