Shawl 'A symmetric trick' by Nicolor - Wollmeise Rolls Yarn Pack


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Originally created for Wollmeise Rolls - a one-off limited edition Wollmeise yarn in 100% superwash Merino.

The shawl can also be worked in  Wollmeise Pure or Wollmeise Twin

Wollmeise Pure and Wollmeise Twin offer a choice of either variegated yarns OR semi-solid colour yarns (=either no or very subtle changes in shade). Please check yarn image for details.

This Nicolor pattern uses a clever technique to turn a sideways-knitted classic shawl into a symmetrical, isosceles triangle. 

This is a YARN PACK including either 1x Wollmeise Rolls OR 1 skein of Wollmeise Pure OR 1 skein of Wollmeise Twin. Please note that the pattern is NOT included in this yarn pack but it is available at no cost from Nicolor's Ravelry page

Pattern photos used with kind permission by @Nicolor.

How to use Wollmeise Rolls: Unravel the roll at one end and start knitting with the loosened thread. The sock blank will slowly unravel as you knit your project. Enjoy how one color gradually flows into the other! Another option is to completely 'frog' the sock blank and wind up the yarn, then knit as with any other yarn. 

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