Scarf in Regenbogen Metallic - Rellana Pattern - I Wool Knit

Scarf in Regenbogen Metallic - Rellana Pattern


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A very simple design that makes best use of Regenbogen Metallic, a beautiful, shimmering lace yarn! 

Regenbogen Metallic comes in 200g cakes. This beautiful multi-coloured lace yarn in 4 strands includes three different colours, which gradually blend into each other. The gorgeous glittering irisé thread that has been added to this yarn adds a dash of glamour without being overbearing. 

The yarn is wound by hand. At certain intervals ONE of the strands has the next colour added on by hand with a small knot. This results in a very gradual colour change - one strand at a time! You can simply work over these knots - they are part of the way this yarn is produced and the yarn will not come undone. The knots are very small - keep them on the wrong side of your work and they become almost invisible in the finished project. 

Regenbogen Metallic is available in a range of colours - choose the one you like the best and create this beautiful scarf!

The only stitches you need are knit and purl stitches - the special effects are created by the yarn. 

Please note: This is a 4 stranded yarn, not plied. You work with four strands together as shown in the videos on our blog.

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