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Rellana Filzwolle Color 112, Shades of Purple, 100% wool wash & felt yarn, variegated, 50 g


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Rellana Filzwolle is ideal for felting in the washing machine. 

Felting has never been easier! You can now create beautiful felted items such as slippers, bags, hats, etc. in your washing machine without needing to spend hours hand-felting. The variegated yarn results in intricate colourful patterns. 

Please note that due to the irregular colouring of the yarns, the final colour pattern can vary considerably and each felted piece will be unique!

We stock this yarn in a range of colours. Check out our complete Rellana Filzwolle colour range!

You can easily combine this colour with any of the other colours in our Rellana Filzwolle range. Please note that the shade Color 112 "Shades of Purple" in Rellana Filzwolle is no longer produced and we are selling off remaining stock. Make sure you buy enough yarn for your project, as we will not be able to get more in this colour in. However, if you need to, you can easily combine this colour with any of the other colours in our Rellana Filzwolle range.

FIBRE: 100% new wool
UNIT WEIGHT: 50 g ball
LENGTH: 50 g = ca. 50 m
TENSION (BEFORE FELTING): 11 sts/ 16 rows measured over 10cm of stocking stitch
FELTING: Wash at 60 degrees Celsius in washing machine, using standard laundry powder. Once you have felted your creating in the washing machine, carefully stretch it to the right size and shape and let it dry. Product will shrink by about 30-40 per cent when felting. 

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