Wollmeise Birdies, Knit Vadis, 240g


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Get 8 colours of Wollmeise Birdies in one set! Wollmeise Birdies are mini skeins of 30g each.
Knit Vadis is available in Wollmeise Twin quality (80% wool, superwash merino / 20% nylon).

Knit Vadis contains 30g each of the following colours:

Kakao, Gianduia, zartbitter, Ebenholz, Tollkirsche, Herzblut, Tandoori Masala, Sanguinella.

Wollmeise Twin is a non-scratching yarn in 4ply. It is a twin of Wollmeise's superwash sock yarn in that both have the same twist. To knit with this yarn is similar to superwash sock yarn but you need approximately 2-4 stitches less than usual.

FIBRE: 80% Merino (superwash), 20% Nylon
CARE: Machine washable at 30 degrees (gentle cycle). 
LENGTH: 30g = 93m
TOTAL WEIGHT: 8x30g = 240g.
Hand-dyed in Germany. Ideal for shawls, scarves, fair isle knitting or patchwork.

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