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Prym Ergonomics Circular Knitting Needles


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Prym Ergonomic circular knitting needles made quite a splash when knitters got a first preview of these amazing needles at the H+H Cologne trade fair in 2016.

What makes Prym ergonomic needles so special?

The needle tips are super-light and made from high quality synthetic material. The triangle shape of the shaft allows the stitches to move freely over the needle. This is superior to traditional round shafts. The tips have a rounded end which makes it much easier to pick up your yarn and to secure it - your stitches are less likely to drop accidentally. The steel cord has been carefully engineered to prevent spiralling, tangling or twisting. 

Best suited to flexible yarns such as wool or soft cotton. Smaller sizes of these needles may break when used with harsh yarns such as acrylic 'scrubby' type yarns due to the abrasive nature of these yarns which may 'cut' through the thinnest part of the needle tip.

Made in Germany.

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