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A movie about yarn? When I first heard about it, I was wondering whether that was a joke. I love knitting, but a movie about yarn seemed a bit far fetched, I thought - until I saw that the movie is narrated by Barbara Kingsolver, one of my favourite authors - and, as it turns out, a fellow knitter! 

The movie by Montreal-based Icelandic director Una Lorenz is about four global female artists who use knitting and crocheting in their amazing art work. The film features four artists, Icelandic wool graffiti artist Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar; Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam of Net Play Works, who lives in Canada and creates huge “textile playgrounds” in public spaces around the world; Polish crochet artist Olek who is based in Brooklyn and Tilde Björfors, the founder of the contemporary Swedish circus company Cirkus Cikör

Have a look at the trailer and be enchanted by the work of these amazing artists. The movie is available online at https://streamingmoviesright.com/us/movie/yarn.


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