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ggh Mystik is a new yarn in our collection. The colour range of ggh Mystik is beautiful and with good colour intensity. The screen does not do this yarn justice!

The yarn has a subtle sheen that make it look luxurious. It feels soft to the touch in the ball but when working with it has more of the somewhat stiff feel of a linen yarn. 

Rebecca Pattern in ggh Mystik

ggh Mystik is ideal for gorgeous summer knits
@Rebecca Design

As ggh Mystik is a loosely plied yarn, it is highly advisable to work with sharper needles. I am using addi circulars, but KnitPro, Prym or any range of other quality needles will work just as well. Just make sure you avoid the plastic needles that are commonly sold by the larger craft chains - they don't handle this yarn so well.

Hint: Start working from outside of ball. Makes working with this yarn much easier!

Knitting with ggh Mystik


ggh Mystik is a blend of 54% cotton and 46% viscose made from plant cellulose. It is a 100% natural yarn that is suitable for vegans. The high cotton content makes it the perfect summer yarn.

Yarn weight is approximately 8ply/DK - this is based on the recommended tension (24 sts over 10cm) and the needle size (3-4mm). Don't be put off by the fact that the yarn looks thinner than an 8ply wool yarn. I am currently knitting with size 4mm needles (that is the size you would typically use for an 8ply yarn) and that feels just right. 

ggh Mystik

The yarn may feel a bit stiff while you are knitting with it but it softens with washing. Items worked in ggh Mystik also increase slightly in size after washing. Rebecca patterns using ggh Mystik take this into account. 

Rebecca pattern "Aniya" made with ggh Mystik

Jumper "Aniya" in ggh Mystik
@Rebecca Design

Important to know: You wash this yarn in a similar way as you would wash silk. Cold hand wash is recommended (maximum 30 degrees Celsius, which is LESS than hand warm!).

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