Yarn of the week: ggh Lacy

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If you are looking for a yarn with a luxurious feel that is light and fabulous, then look no further: ggh Lacy  is perfect on all accounts. The winning combination of Merino and silk gives you a yarn that is soft and smooth with a silky sheen. 

Rebecca Knit Kit with ggh Lacy yarn. I Wool Knit

ggh Lacy is a 4ply yarn - you can use it to knit beautiful all-season garments or you could double it up to create something warmer.

The yarn has received the highest praises from all our customers, so we are very happy to recommend ggh Lacy !

If you need some ideas on what you could make with ggh Lacy , why not check out our pattern section? We have just added another new pattern in ggh Lacy  for you. 

Rebecca lace knit jumper in ggh Lace. Available as knit kit from I Wool Knit

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