Trends and highlights from the H+H Cologne 2018

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I Wool Knit was at this year's h+h Cologne 2018 to bring you the latest trends in fibre arts and knit fashion. It also features a fantastic fashion show - have a look for a sneak peak for the coming 2018/19 season!

The h+h Cologne is the world's largest international trade fair for handcraft and hobbies. 2018 saw 16,000 trade visitors from 73 countries and 423 exhibitors from all over the world. 

h+h Cologne 2018

Sustainability in the craft sector

Sustainability was a major theme of the h+h Cologne this year, with a growing range of ecological and socially responsible products on offer.

I was particularly interested in the beautiful natural fibre blends presented by some of the small- to mid- range yarn design companies. 

beautiful yarns at the h+h Cologne

In this context, I am extremely pleased to announce that we will start stocking Pascuali's yarns from this year.

The first delivery is en route to Australia right now - keep an eye out for it, as I think once people realise how special they are, they will sell out quickly.

Pascuali's - I Wool Knit

Paul Pascuali uses beautiful fibres from a range of animals including yak, camel, alpaca and Merino. And then there are his vegan yarns, made with cotton, linen, nettle and ramie. Pascuali's yarns are both environmentally sustainable and socially responsible, with significant support going to local producers. Not to be missed! 

Ongoing Trend: Yarn Cakes 

Yarn cakes continue to be a big theme across the industry, with several brands offering their collections. Check out our own collection of beautiful yarn cakes by Rellana, who again had a stall at the h+h Cologne. 

Yarn cakes - Regenbogen - Rellana - I Wool Knit

Old Techniques Rediscovered: Macramé 

Among the many fabulous workshops on offer at the trade fair was a Macramé workshop with Stefanie from Colours of Life (photo below).

Macramé was all the rage in the 1970s and 1980s but then vanished from view. Macramé is definitely back en vogue now, with many Macramé creations on display throughout the fair.

Macramé workshop with Stefanie,

I really recommend you discover (or re-discover) Macramé.

It is so much fun - you can experiment with all sorts of different yarns and textures and create beautiful items from wall hangings to accessories. Once you have mastered the basic stitches (which is not too hard to do), it is also quite quick, so you can create something amazing in almost no time at all. 

Beautiful Yarns and Patterns at ggh 

I greatly enjoyed a visit to the ggh stall and meeting many of the ggh team. Their yarns are just beautiful and we will continue to build up our inventory of ggh yarns. If you find a ggh yarn we currently don't stock but that you are interested in, please let us know - we are happy to take your suggestions on board!

ggh yarns at the h+h Cologne 2018

Check out the sneak preview to the coming ggh and Rebecca collection (images above and below). 

Aren't those jumpers just gorgeous? I am looking forward to getting the patterns into my shop for you!

Rebecca patterns with ggh yarns

There were so many yarn brands on display at the trade fair that it is impossible to feature each and every single one of them in this blog. I have put together a YouTube video with impressions from the trade fair (see below) that will give you a broader overview. 

I came back to Australia feeling inspired by the beautiful displays, yarns and colours. I am excited about being able to bring more of those home to you - so keep an eye out over the coming months for lots of new patterns, yarns and knit kits!

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