Working with Rellana Regenbogen yarn - Video

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Maybe you have been admiring our beautiful Regenbogen yarn cakes and are wondering what it is like to work with the yarn?

I am hoping to get some videos up soon to show some of our yarns, but in the meantime have a look at this video by German crochet designer Romy Fisher, who is showing you how to crochet a half granny shawl in Regenbogen Colour 35 (Dark Night). Unfortunately, the video is in German only, and the google translation is more for a laugh than actually making sense. (If it helps, every time the translation says "air" they mean 'chain', "mass/es" is meant to be 'stitch/es', and when it says "rod" they mean a 'treble'). 

It took me a while to work out how to turn the translation on, so I thought I should mention this here: Click on the settings symbol in the bottom right corner. Choose  subtitles, then click on "German (auto-generated) and after that click on "auto-translate" and choose English from the list of languages. (If you don't click on "German" first, it won't work.) 

Have fun!



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