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M&K Linen

Customer rating
Absolutely gorgeous and unique with pattern for a Shawl and Scarf supplied. I am knitting a classical piece for both my daughter and myself which eventually will be inherited by my granddaughter one day. Thanks Barbara for making this dream a reality! Great service too.

Rellana Merino Fine

BEAUTIFUL TO KNIT - Rellana Merino Fine.

Customer rating

I have been knitting for 60 years and enjoy the different yarns and the process. Many shops now though seem to stock inferior yarns so it is a delight to have this website.
I bought this yarn in dark blue and it is soft and fine and knits up evenly. Beautiful to knit and so is the jumper I knitted with it.
Thank you Barbara for suggesting this yarn.

Pacawoolly Alpaca yarn, 4ply

A beautiful Australian yarn. Such a delight to be able to have local environmentally sensitive yarns available. Such a lovely natural white.
Shop service outstanding!

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