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Wollmeise yarns are something quite unusual. The owner, Claudia Höll-Wellmann, started Wollmeise yarns in 2002. Frustrated with the limited colour range offered by larger yarn companies, Claudia decided to dye her own. The name Wollmeise translates into English as "wool tit". Tits are a family of small European song birds. 

Wollmeise has since grown from a one-woman enterprise to a small family company that includes Claudia's husband and her son Tobias.  

Wollmeise Lace

Wollmeise colours are a real feast for the senses. It is rare to see hand-dyed yarns with a similar level of colour saturation.

Wollmeise Blend

This is matched by an attention to detail that means that only the best yarns make it past Claudia's quality controls. She describes herself as "a perfectionist" who is "passionate about delivering the best-possible goods". Her perfectionism certainly shows! 

I also love the fabulous names given to the different colour options - from "Valentine" and "Aquarius" to "Baba Jaga" and "The Return of the Old Pink Panther", it is obvious that there is an attention to detail that goes far beyond picking a nice yarn and producing an attractive colour run. 

Wollmeise Pure

As a knitter, you will also appreciate the consistency of Wollmeise yarns. If you buy two skeins, they will work together - quite a feat for hand-dyed yarns. 

Wollmeise Twin sock yarn is not just beautiful, it is also durable. It is more expensive than classic sock yarns, but you will really enjoy wearing them and the colours and the quality of the yarn will make your socks very unique and special indeed. If you prefer a 100% natural sock yarn, choose Wollmeise Pure - same 4ply thickness as Wollmeise Twin but in 100% Merino.

Wollmeise DK

Other yarn qualities are Wollmeise DK which is available in 200g skeins (100% Merino, 8ply), Wollmeise Lace (100% Merino, 300g, 2ply), Wollmeise Blend (70% Merino superwash, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, 150g, 5ply) and Wollmeise Rolls (100% Merino, 150g, 4ply).

Or, if you love working with different colours, why not try out one of the Wollmeise Birdies? These are collections of mini skeins (30g each) in gorgeous colour combinations.

Wollmeise Birdies

Last minute Christmas idea: Wollmeise Birdies would make the perfect Christmas present for a passionate knitter!


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