Vegan substitutes for popular fibres

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Are you a vegan looking for quality yarns? Or maybe you are allergic to animal fibres and want a natural plant based alternative to high end yarns such as cashmere, Mohair and silk?

Consider some of the following alternatives:

Vegan Alternative to Cashmere

The gorgeous soft, fluffy and light feel of cashmere is hard to recreate, but Pascuali Suave does an excellent job of it. Made from 100% cotton, this yarn does not look or feel anything like your traditional cotton yarns. Available in a range of colours, this is the perfect yarn for all year round. Fluff it up and it is warm and looks and feels like cashmere. Iron it, and it becomes smooth and cool.

Pascuali Suave

Vegan Alternative to Mohair

Mohair is so special that it is almost impossible to recreate it in a natural plant-based yarn. However, ggh Bellina is one option that ticks many boxes to make it a reasonable substitute. ggh Bellina is made from 80% fluffy cotton which is spun around a nylon core that gives the yarn stability and durability. Super-soft and fluffy, this is the ideal yarn to make fluffy jumpers and gorgeously feminine cardigans.

ggh Bellina

Vegan Alternative to Silk

Silk is actually the fibre that is easiest to replace with a plant based alternative. Man-made silk is known as viscose. Viscose is made from woody fibres such as bamboo or softwoods such as birch. The fibres are broken down and transformed into plant-based silk. Yarns can be either wholly made from viscose (ggh Bambu- 100% bamboo) or combined with other fibres into a gorgeous yarn blend (ggh Manila, ggh Manila Dégradé, Rellana Diamant).

 ggh Bambu

Other Plant-Based Yarns

Also consider some of the more traditional plant-based fibres that make beautiful yarns, including cotton, linen and nettle (Pascuali Nepal).

Marks and Kattens Linen yarn

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