Tunics - a great way to dress up

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Jo Sharp Tunic PatternTunics are incredibly versatile - you can wear them on their own as a long jumper or a short dress, or you can use them on top of a skivvy or a T-shirt, for example in combination with skinny jeans or leggings. 

Make them from a light and breathable material such as cotton or linen, and you can use them almost all year round!
Tunic in Rellana Denim




The Jo Sharp Tunic (image left) is designed like an A-shaped long dress but you can use the same pattern to make a shorter version if you prefer. I recommend using a DK (8ply) cotton or cotton blend yarn to make this pattern. 






The Rellana Tunic (right) makes use of the beautiful variegation of Rellana Denim Cotton yarn, coupled with a clever drop-stitch pattern. 

The pattern is incredibly simple and can easily be accomplished by a beginner knitter. 

Thanks to its very straight-forward cut, the pattern can also be easily adapted to suit a bigger or smaller size! 
Denim is a beautiful yarn at a very affordable price!


The tunic-style dress in Marks & Katten Linen yarn (image below) comes in a large number of sizes and colour options. 

The colours of the linen yarn are just beautiful - and each of the colours in the linen yarn works well with every other colour in the M&K linen collection, so it will be very easy to put together a stunning and unique colour combination for this pattern.


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