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It is such a delight to see what our customers make from yarn purchased from us. 

Thank you Julieann and Clare for sharing your beautiful work! Just have a look at these photos - what a great inspiration!

Crochet with Millpost Merino


This amazing crochet work was done with Millpost Merino, using a Prym crochet hook. Photo provided by Julieann L., Queensland.

Here is what Julieann had to say about Millpost Merino: "This wool is like the cream on top of the milk it’s texture is rich and soft with the stitches clearly defined and displayed with each row. Apricot is a mild terracotta colour whilst cream is a soothing whitewashed frangipani shade. There is no evidence of rubbing causing pilling in my crocheting."

Julieann is also working on another crochet project (see below), using ggh Joker. This one really surprised me - I just love the way the colour run works in this pattern, it looks fantastic!

Crochet work in ggh Joker

Yarn:  ggh Joker, crochet hook: Prym Ergonomics Crochet Hook.

Clare H. from Canberra also shared her latest work with us. This very handsome vest made with Marks & Katten Eco Baby Ull is certainly a labour of love: just look at the number of cables!

Vest made with Marks & Katten Eco Baby Ull

Clare gave the yarn 5 stars: "I have just finished knitting a vest for my husband with this yarn. The yarn is less tightly spun compared to wool I had knitted with previously. Initially I had some issues with the needle splitting the yard but soon got used to knitting with it. The wool is extremely soft, warm and light weight. I am very happy with the finished product and grateful that I had enough yarn left to knit myself a beanie."

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