Spoilt for choice: Cardigans are a must for spring and summer.

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I always carry a cardigan with me, especially in spring and summer. You never know when the weather changes, going from cool to hot and back to cool again. 

A cardigan is handy as it is so easy to take on and off - much easier than a jumper!

For summer, choose cool summer yarns or yarn blends that incorporate cotton, linen and viscose. With Australian summers in mind, we have put together a great selection of gorgeous patterns and knit kits that is guaranteed to delight you. 

If you like to combine a classic look with a beautiful and innovative yarn, you can't go past this cardigan in Pascuali Puno.

Pascuali Puno a beautifully soft GOTS certified organic cotton and Alpaca blend in a range of delightful colours in undyed natural shades. The main body of the cardigan is worked in a lighter colour (no 026) which is offset by darker coloured ribbing (032). The carding has two front pockets, with the inside of the pockets also showing off the darker colour. 

cardigan in pasculi puno

Rebecca Knit Kit, long striped cardigan - I Wool Knit

Or make your cardigan in super-cool ggh Linova linen and cotton yarn - the yarn has a beautiful drape and comes in many gorgeous colours. 

You don't have to look much further than this absolutely stunning Rebecca Knit Kit for coat with stripes in ggh Linova for exciting summer inspirations!

ggh Linova is a superb yarn that is equally suited to knitting and crochet. It combines the amazing breathability of linen and the softness of cotton for a fantastic yarn blend that is ideal in summer. 


ggh Linova is also the ideal yarn for complex patterns from cables to lace knits. 

Rebecca Knit Kit cardigan with cables in ggh Linova - I Wool Knit
Image: Rebecca Knit Kit for cardigan in ggh Linova yarn. 

If you prefer it soft and fluffy, you could create a swinging soft cardigan to snuggle into. Have a look at this beautiful Rebecca cardigan in super soft and fluffy ggh Bellina yarn - doesn't the picture just make you want to touch it and feel it and wear it?
Rebecca Knit Kit summer coat in ggh Bellina - I Wool Knit

There are more than one type of cardigan or summer coats to choose from in this beautiful yarn, so have a look through our ggh Bellina knitting pattern collection for other ideas!

Tested for you: You can wash garments made with ggh Bellina in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Choose a wool cycle and wool wash to retain the incredible fluffiness of the yarn!

ggh Bellina is a super soft cotton yarn with a nylon core for extra stability (80% cotton, 20% nylon).


You will feel nothing but natural fluffy soft cotton on your skin. 

ggh Bellina comes in a many gorgeous colours and a range of beautiful patterns - have a look!

If you are a 'green' consumer at heart and want to work with recycled yarn, trying this stunning striped cardigan in recycled denim yarn ggh Reva.

Don't like knitting? Why not crochet your cardigan in a feminine lacy cotton that will attract attention from all your friends! You can get both yarn and pattern from us. The cardigan is made with Rellana Adina Batik, a tightly plied 100% cotton yarn that comes in a range of colour combinations.

Also available as single colour yarn - check out our complete Rellana Adina and Adina Batik collection for colour options!

Crochet pattern - summer cardigan in Rellana Adina Batik yarn - I Wool Knit

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