UDPATE: Regenbogen recycled yarn cakes have arrived

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A shipment of Rellana Regenbogen Recycled arrived today. Rellana Regenbogen Recycled is a gorgeous 100g yarn cake that is made from recycled cotton clothing. 

Rellana Regenbogen Recycled

Old clothing is collected, sorted according to colours, shredded and then processed into these environmentally friendly recycled yarns. 

Each Rellana Regenbogen Recycled yarn cake consists of 4 strands in three colours. At the transition points, the new yarn strands are spliced together - which means no knots at transition points!

Rellana Regenbogen Recycled

One yarn cake of Rellana Regenbogen Recycled is enough for a shawl. Of course we will have patterns for this yarn as well!

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