Slow TV: National Knitting Night now available on Netflix Australia

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Here is a treat for fibre enthusiasts and fans of the Norwegian cult series "Slow TV"!

Netflix Australia is now showing "National Knitting Night", an eight- and a half hour mammoth session of Norwegian TV.

The show centres around seven women trying to break a world speed record for stitching together a sweater. The show starts off with the entry of a sheep and a shearer with hand-shears. 

The women then start spinning the wool into yarn, which is gradually used to jointly knit and sew up a jumper over the course of a night. 

As background music we get treated with Norwegian songs about shearing, spinning, weaving and knitting. The occasional dialogues are also in Norwegian, all with English subtitles. As the night goes on, the women get increasingly tired but also have more and more fun while struggling to stay awake, dealing with shoulder pain and still battling on to finish the jumper. 

There is something mesmerising about this program. When the original version first showed on Norwegian TV, it was an instant hit with 1.3 million people tuning in to the broadcaster to watch four hours of knitting discussion, followed by 8.5 hours of “long, quiet sequences of knitting and spinning.”

The women did miss out by seconds on setting a new world record in knitting, but they did set a Norwegian knitting record - and they most likely set a record for the longest knitting TV show ever recorded.

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