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Regenbogen Lace shawl, I Wool Knit

Regenbogen Merino shawl, I Wool Knit

If you like shawls, scarves and shrugs, you have come to the right place! 

We have a growing collection of patterns and knit kits available for you in a range of different colours, shapes and materials.

You can choose from multi-coloured lace and shawl knitting yarns such as Regenbogen, Regenbogen Merino and Regenbogen Metallic. Flotte Socke Kolibri Shawl

Or use our sock knitting yarn for shawls - particularly Flotte Socke Kolibri is just stunning and is well suited for a range of projects in addition to creating gorgeous socks.

Then there are shawls made from Pacawoolly Alpaca yarns - spectacularly soft and luxurious in all natural colours.

Or maybe you prefer Mohair or Merino yarn?

Whatever your taste and your yarn preferences, there is guaranteed a shawl pattern for you!
             Regenbogen Metallic Scarf           

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