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Poncho with sleeves and uneven hemlinePonchos are just perfect. They are usually very easy to make and they are just so adaptable to wear. Ponchos are ideal when you like to wear several layers - you can just throw them over and they just fit. The patterns usually come in a single "one size fits all", but because they have a very simple layout, they are much easier to make bigger or smaller than a sweater or a cardigan.

Ponchos come in many varieties - long and short, light and warm, with triangular or uneven hemlines, with and without sleeves.

Take, for example, the poncho with sleeves in black and white Lacy yarn (image left, original Rebecca Knit Kit). Worked with two strands of yarn from side to side in stocking stitch, this is a very easy pattern that will accommodate a range of sizes. The interesting hemline is a result of a straight cut and different front and back lengths. And the yarn, ggh Lacy, is an absolute beauty, a gorgeous and light blend of Merino and silk.Poncho in Silkroad DK Tweed
Poncho with Cable Pattern, Rebecca Knit Kit

Very simple, straight up ponchos with just an opening for your head can double up as a blanket when you are out and about. Have a look at the white poncho (image left, original Rebecca Knit Kit) - the straight cut for this 'throw over' poncho means that you don't have to worry about shaping and working in armholes, you can just focus on having fun with the cable and lace pattern.

The green poncho uses a clever pattern design and is worked in Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed - you work two rectangles and the pattern shows you how to bring them together to create this beautiful piece. 

Our Regenbogen yarns with their beautiful colour combinations are also an ideal option to use for making ponchos. Regenbogen yarn comes in 200g yarn cakes in three different qualities. Choose from super wash Merino, cotton/acrylic blend and cotton/acrylic blend with metallic.

The Poncho in Regenbogen to the right uses only 2 cakes of Regenbogen yarn. Poncho in Regenbogen yarn, I Wool Knit
We stock a range of Knit Kits for ponchos, there is bound to be something that would be just right for you.

Did you know? Type in "Poncho" into our search box at the top of the page and you will find all our poncho patterns in one handy place.

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