On the Catwalk: Knit Fashion 2018/2019

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One of the highlights of the h+h Cologne, the largest international trade fair for handcraft and hobby, is the annual knit design fashion show. And this year's h+h Cologne 2018 was no exception. 

The fashion show is organised by the German industry organisation "Initiative Handarbeit" and features the designs of selection of major yarn producers.

It is a fantastic opportunity to get a sneak preview of the coming season. 

long shawl at h+h Cologne fashion show

Dominant Trends in Knit Fashion 2018/19

All brands presented highly wearable and attractive knitwear. While each brand had their quite distinct styles, there were some common themes that will dominate the knit fashion world in the next year:

  • Colour: Blacks and greys play a major role, offset by bold primary colours. 
  • Style: Long jackets, large shawls and generous scarves made a regular appearance. 
  • Knitwear includes skirts and dresses: In addition to jumpers and cardigans, several brands also included knitted skirts and especially knitted dresses in their collections.
  • Yarn and Pattern Highlight: Particularly popular this season are faux fur yarns plus jackets and cardigans made with loop stitch.

Some of the highlights of this year's fashion show:


A black, white and grey design collection (photo below) included a little anthracite dress and a long jacket (Design: Schoeller).

fashion show h+h Cologne

The purple coat in the photo below is a typical example of faux fur yarn used in a long coat with a comfortably generous cut.

fluffy long coat - h+h Cologne fashion show 2018

Ladies in red. Note the loop stitch cardigan on the left and the long shawl! (Design: Lang Yarns)

h+h cologne 2018 fashion show

Lana Grossa's collection had a more subdued grey and beige brown tone, with long jackets and dresses a focal point. 

Lana Grossa Fashion show h+h Cologne


ggh/Rebecca presented a range of jackets and jumpers in grey base tones, offset by bright accessories. ggh's new faux fur yarn ggh Lavella (50% Alpaca , 30% wool, 20% nylon) featured on collars and trims.

ggh/Rebecca fashion show, h+h Cologne 2018


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