New Knit Kit: Summer poncho in Regenbogen

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Ponchos have been a valued accessory this winter. Why not make one for summer? We now offer a summer poncho knit kit with Regenbogen yarn. Available in six different colours, from earthy terracotta (see photo above) to gold, blue-green and red-black, there is due to be a colour combination that is just right for you.

Regenbogen yarn is made from 50% cotton and 50% acrylics, combining the high breathability and comfort of cotton with the durability and ease of care of acrylic fibres. You need needles size 3.5mm to work this piece. The fringe at the bottom of the poncho is very much on trend this year, but you can also leave it out.

The poncho is worked in the round, with only knit and purl stitches used. While one size fits most, the pattern is easily adjustable to suit a larger size or a longer fit. 

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