New pattern: Scandinavian Style Yoke Sweater

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Scandinavian style yoke patterns are back in fashion! Try this pattern with our Swedish certified eco-yarn Marks & Katten Eco Ull in a large selection of beautiful colours.

Like the yarn but need more ideas? Head over to Ravelry and you will find several 'galleries' of over 750 projects that have used Marks & Katten Eco Ull

Please note: this yarn has a hand-spun quality to it, which is typical of traditional Scandinavian yarns. Knitting with this yarn may therefore be more challenging for an inexperienced knitter than using your standard modern yarns. However, the end result it absolutely worth it - the colours are stunning, and the knitted garment is beautifully soft once it has been blocked. It also knits up well on a knitting machine.

Scandinavian yoke sweater - I Wool KnitPattern available in three sizes: S/M/L, to fit bust sizes 85/95/105cm

The sweater measures 65/66/66cm from shoulder to bottom and approximately 100/110/120cm around the waist.

Materials Needed
Yarn (for sizes S/M/L)
Marks & Katten EcoUll Color
Main colour (yellow-green, colour 311): 10/11/12 x 50g balls
Colour 2 (heather green, colour 302): 2/2/3 x 50g balls
Colour 3 (new red, colour 313): 2/2/2 x 50g balls

Pair of needles or circular needles size 4.5mm and 5.00mm,
Circular needles size 4.5mm and 5.00mm, 60cm and 80cm long

The sweater in the image was knitted in the colour combination yellow-greenheather green and new red, but there are so many other gorgeous colours to choose from! Put together your own colour combination for a unique sweater.

Marks and Katten Eco Ull heather purple

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