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When we first designed our website, we had you, our customers, in mind. What would you need most? How would you search for items? What is the best way to present our yarns and patterns so you can find what you need and be inspired by what you find?

Over recent weeks we have been working hard behind the scenes to make our website even more user friendly and we have added new functionalities which should make it easier to find things you are looking for. 

The sidebar is now divided into different sections for each yarn brand. 

I Wool Knit website guide

You can now also find individual yarns that belong to a particular category (such as 'Alpaca' or 'Felting Wool') directly from the "yarn" tab at the top of the website. 

In the example below, we have chosen 'silk' to find yarns that include silk. This gives you the choice to either look at all yarns that include silk (by simply choosing 'silk' and non of the individual yarns) or to bring up a particular yarn, such as 'ggh Lacy'.

This should make it much faster to find things if you already know what you are looking for. 

I Wool Knit website guide

We have added the option to see all our yarns on one page by clicking on the "yarns" tab or the "shop now" button in the main image on the homepage. 

I Wool Knit website guide

This is really handy if you want to see all colours of a particular yarn plus all patterns available in that yarn - simply click on the image of the yarn and voila - you have them all in one location. The example below shows what it looks like. We have chosen "ggh Limba" but of course this works with any of our yarns. 

I Wool Knit website guide

To make sure you don't miss out on our latest news and tips and tricks, we have added short excerpts of the latest news items at the bottom of the website. 

Interested in seeing our latest postings to Instagram? Have a look at our integrated Instagram feed!

Making these changes required a lot of manual input. We have tested the site many times over to make sure it all works, however, if you find a broken link or something that doesn't work as expected, please let us know!

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