Movie knits: Dr Who Scarf

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Dr Who fans who watched the series in the 1980s may remember the iconic scarf that was a trademark of Tom Baker, the fourth Dr Who.

The scarf was created almost by accident when costume designer James Acheson took a load of wool to a knitter called Begonia Pope. Begonia was asked to knit a scarf, presumably with a selection of the wool she was given. She just kept knitting and used up all the wool she had. The scarf grew to an enormous length of around six meters (approximately twenty feet). 

Keen to knit your own version of the iconic Dr Who scarf? Use a DK weight yarn such as Jo Sharp Classic DK wool or DK Tweed. 

The scarf suffered from wear and tear after the first two episodes, and the pattern design underwent a series of changes throughout the fourth season of Dr Who, but the image below shows one of the earliest version of the scarf pattern which the BBC apparently sent out to a viewer:

Dr Who Scarf - I Wool Knit



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