More time to knit and crochet - more time for me!

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Do you find that you would love to do far more knitting and crochet but there is never enough time to do it? If your answer is yes, then a knitting planner is just what you need.

More time to knit - more time for me! is the motto of the 2020 Knitting Planner by Martina Behm.

Bullet journaling for knitters

Based on the idea of bullet journaling, this gorgeous planner is all set up for you to focus on your goals and plan ahead.

Includes goal setting, weekly and daily entries plus lots of knitting related pages to track your projects, keep notes on yarns and yarn shops, collect project ideas and more.

A gorgeous pattern to protect your planner is also included.

The 2020 Knitting Planner by Martina Behm is out now and we have limited stock available. Get yours now so you won't miss out.

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