Make it sustainable - use organic cotton!

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You can be stylish and environmentally conscious at the same time with our gorgeous knit kits in ggh Cottonea!

These beautiful patterns and our sustainable cotton yarn are a match made in heaven. 

Lacy beanie in ggh Cottonea Rebecca knit kit - I Wool Knit

I just love this lacy beanie in ggh Cottonea. Ideal for cooler summer evenings or for someone who finds wool too scratchy. This would make a great Christmas or birthday present! This is also an ideal project if you are new to lace knitting and don't want to tackle a larger project. 

Striped jumper in ggh Cottonea. Rebecca pattern - I Wool Knit

Super cute cropped jumper with flared sleeves. Show off your midriff with a high waist line!

Rebecca jumper with bobble and lace pattern. ggh Cottonea - I Wool Knit

Short sleeved jumper with bobble lace pattern. Very feminine and fun to make. 

Rebecca sweater with rhombic pattern, ggh Cottonea - I Wool Knit

Summer sweater with rhombic pattern. The yarn is ideal to bring this structural pattern to life.

For our complete range of patterns and colours in this yarn check out our ggh Cottonea collection.

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