Knitting for Christmas?

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Frankie Brown Knitted Gingerbread HouseChristmas is only two months away, and that is not such a long time to go if you were thinking of putting your knitting skills to good use for the occasion. 

I have had a good look around for ideas, and I think you simply cannot go past the beautiful knitted decorations designed by Frankie Brown. Frankie Brown - Knitted Wreath

The Gingerbread house measures about 13 × 17 cm and is 20 cm tall; it is supported by plastic canvas that is covered with knitting. The roof is hinged so that the house can be used to store things.

The Gingerbread house was first designed as an advent calendar for knitters - with one pattern added every day throughout the first 24 days of December. 

Similarly, the Woodland Wreath was designed as a series of patterns published over December to celebrate advent in true knitter's style. The pattern describes how to make a knitted cover for any size wreath; the patterns that follow it are for different leaves, creatures and flowers you can use to decorate your wreath. Or add other seasonal decorations from the Advent Garland patterns (photo below).

Frankie shares her amazing creations for free on ravelry! If you like her work, Frankie Brown says she would welcome donations to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. 

Advent Garland Knitting Pattern

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