KnitPro Tunisian crochet hooks in new sizes

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All sizes of the KnitPro Tunisian crochet hook tips back in stock!

We have also added sizes 8mm, 9mm and 10mm.

Perfect for larger Tunisian crochet projects!

You connect your KnitPro cord to a KnitPro Tunisian crochet hook and voila! You have a long Tunisian Crochet hook that can take far more stitches than a standard length Tunisian crochet hook.

Package contains 1 Tunisian crochet hook tip (point) only.

Please note that you also need a KnitPro cord, which is available in a range of lengths from 40cm to 150cm (measured when assembled with hook or knitting tip). You can either use your own cord (original KnitPro cords only) or purchase a cord from us.


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