It's cold outside - time for fluffy furry warm cardigans, hats and shawls!

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Get those knitting needles out and whip up a warm cardigan or a comfortable shawl or scarf with ggh Lavella, a beautiful furry Alpaca-wool blend that will look like fur when knit up! 

ggh Lavella - furry fluffy knitting yarn

Many 'faux fur' yarns on the market are made from 100% acrylic fibres. ggh Lavella stands out thanks to its very high natural fibre content: ggh Lavella consists of 80% natural fibres (50% Alpaca and 30% wool). The natural fibres are spun around a nylon core which gives it strength so your yarn can be incredibly fluffy and light yet not fall apart when you work with it or wear it. 

I have been knitting a striped cowl with this yarn and I just can't help wanting to feel the fluffiness of it!

ggh Lavella is available in a range of colours. We now also have a number of Rebecca Knit Kits available in this yarn.


Rebecca Knit Kit: Fur hat in ggh Lavella - I Wool KnitThere is a gorgeous Rebecca fur hat, made with just 2 balls of yarn.

Or you could decide to make a generously sized scarf with pockets, which takes only 300g of ggh Lavella.

Rebecca Knit Kit - scarf in ggh Lavella - I Wool Knit

Or you could go for the ultimate in warmth and cosiness and make yourself a beautiful fur coat

Rebecca Knit Kit - fur jacket in ggh Lavella - I Wool Knit

ggh Lavella comes in 11 gorgeous colours - pick your favourite one now and get those needles going!

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