How to truly appreciate a natural range of colours

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Pacawoolly Alpaca are bread to produce a beautiful range of natural colour tones, with soft whites, light fawns and warm browns all the way to subtle greys and dark chocolate tones.Pacawoolly Alpaca rug, I Wool Knit

Each colour has its own beauty and its own character, but bring them all together, and you end up with something truly special!

Have a look at this stunning blanket, made entirely from Pacawoolly Alpaca, and you can see what you can achieve by going one hundred percent natural! 
Pacawoolly Alpaca rug, I Wool Knit
Have a look at our Pacawoolly range and maybe you feel inspired to create something similarly stunning?

Or are you working on something beautiful with our Pacawoolly Alpaca yarn?

We would love to hear from you!

Send us a photo of your work and we would love to publish it on our website!

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