Here is to Brioche Stitch!

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Also known as Fishermen's Rib, this fabulous stitch pattern is making a comeback. And for good reason - it is a way to work the yarn to almost double it's thickness, resulting in a warm and comfy sweater or cardigan. The stitch also allows the garment to stretch without making it bulky or lose its shape. 

Check out our latest pattern - a cardigan in ggh Joker yarn in Brioche stitch. Give it a try - it is easier to do than it looks! The cardigan is available as an original Rebecca Knit Kit in purple-olive. The self-striping yarn with a super-long colour-run allows you to focus on your pattern without having to worry about counting rows to add the stripes. Let the yarn do the work for you! 

Loose fit cardigan in brioche stitch - I Wool Knit

You can also choose to make this pattern in one of the other colours in ggh Joker in stock, with more colours due to arrive in February!

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