Book Review: Having fun with tea cozies

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Every now and again, a book comes across my desk that just makes me laugh.

This time it was actually two books, both by Loani Prior: "How Tea Cosies Changed the World" and "Really Wild Tea Cosies".

Tea Cosies Loani Prior

Loani Prior is a Queensland knitting artist, and these two books very much reflect her joyful take on knitted tea cosie art.

From wild to crazy, marginally practical to very funny, these tea cosies are more object d'art than your average kitchen item.

Tea Cosies Loani Prior

But why not have fun playing with yarn and making these unusual objects - and give your friends something to talk about next time they come over for a cuppa?

I reckon these are the perfect projects for any time when you are stuck at home with a stash of yarn... Small enough so that you can finish this quickly, despite the at times complex 3-dimensional parts, and you probably don't even have to buy any new yarn to make these (stash buster anyone?)!

It is also a great way to learn new skills and unusual patterns - again, the project is small enough that it won't get frustrating, and oh, it just looks like so much fun!

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