News from the World's biggest craft trade fair: H+H Cologne 2017

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H+H Cologne 2017The International Trade Fair for Creative Handicraft and Hobby H+H Cologne is the world's biggest trade fair for knitting, crochet, yarns and fabrics.

This year's motto "Trends of Passion" attracted a fantastic range of exhibitors. Photo above: H+H Cologne, (Koelnmesse)

ggh dazzled the audience with a selection of stunning white garments at this year's fashion parade. (all ggh photos below: Initiative Handabeit e.V.)

ggh at H+H Cologne 2017, Initiative Handarbeit eV.

ggh fashion, Initiative Handarbeit e.V.

The close-up photo to the left (Photo credit: Initiative Handabeit e.V.) shows the delicate lacework of the knitted dress with shawl.

The long dress with overcoat shows off an impressive cable pattern on the front of the dress and on the coat. 

The men's sweater (Photo: Initiative Handarbeiten e.V.) uses a simple yet effective granite stitch to create a textured surface. 

ggh at H+H Cologne, Initiative Handarbeiten e.V.

The cardigan and the jumper are true classics - gorgeous cables that will never go out of fashion and can be worn for many years to come. 

I am looking forward to getting some of these models as Rebecca Knit Kits into our shop over the course of the year!

Rellana also presented its latest yarn developments and new patterns, including its newest creations in sock and lace knitting yarns. (Photos: Rellana Garne)

Rellana stall at H+H Cologne 2017

We already stock many of these yarns, and I am looking forward to the new colour combinations that are due to come out later this year, including some stunning new hand-dyed sock knitting yarns in beautiful colour combinations. 

Rellana Sock knitting yarns, H+H cologne

Among the other interesting exhibits that delighted visitors was Madame Tricot's knitted art installation. Madame Tricot is a renowned knitting artist who creates amazingly realistic knitted objects from everyday life.

Madame Tricot, Cheese counter, Knitted art installation, H+H Cologne 2017

At the H+H Cologne 2017, visitors were treated to a highly realistic cheese counter, with all cheeses made entirely from wool and knitted to perfection. Photo: H+H Cologne (Koelnmesse)

This yarn bombed bicycle also attracted attention and is proof that knitting and crochet is not all 'just' about creating wearables - sometimes it is simply about having fun! (Photo: H+H Cologne, Koelnmesse)

H+H Cologne 2017

The trade fair included many opportunities for catching up with fellow crafters and craft suppliers, and to exchange knowledge and ideas. Photo below: H+H Cologne (Koelnmesse)

H+H Cologne 2017, Koelnmesse

The H+H shows the growing significance of hand crafts and fibre art, and how innovative and exciting the sector has become. The fashion parades are amazing and inspiring - and of course you will soon be able to make some of those garments and accessories yourself!

The intersection of hobby, art and fashion is exciting. The fact that anybody can pick up needles and yarn and learn how to knit and crochet means that there is no limits to where everybody's creativity can take them.

I hope you feel inspired and encouraged to take your knitting and crochet to the next level! Happy crafting!

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