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Faux fur is shaping up as the hot ticket item in fashion this winter.

It was certainly seen as an "it" item at the Melbourne Fashion Festival this year.

So now it's over to you: Get in early and create something amazing with our faux fur yarns!

Good to know: Our "faux" fur yarns are actually made with natural fibres! "Faux" does not mean all acrylic, it just means that your beautiful fur did not require the animal to die to give up its pelt. Our faux fur yarns are spun from natural fibres such as wool, Merino, Alpaca and even cotton (ideal for warmer climates!). 

There are three gorgeous options for you to choose from.

ggh Lavella - natural faux fur yarn - I Wool Knit

ggh Lavella is the latest addition to our fluffy yarns. ggh Lavella is a brand-new trendy yarn by German yarn maker ggh. Fantastic for stylish accessories such as furry fashion appliques, collars and hems. Or go for the latest trend and create complete garments in fur look! 

What makes ggh Lavella superior to many other faux fur yarns available elsewhere is the high natural fibre content of 30% wool and 50% super-soft Alpaca. Incredibly soft and fluffy!

We currently stock this yarn in nine gorgeous colours. Check it out: ggh Lavella is going to be a trendsetter this winter. We have a number of stunning patterns and knit kits in the pipeline for ggh Lavella - stay tuned for more!

Good news for those in warmer parts of Australia: Fluffy yarn with cotton

Do you live in a warmer part of Australia where wool and Alpaca may be just a tad too warm for comfort?

Good news: There are gorgeous alternatives that allow you to create something furry and fluffy without making you melt in the heat. 

One of my favourite all-year round yarns is ggh Bellina, a super soft and fluffy cotton yarn blend that you can use to create delightful garments. Very feminine! "Bellina" means beautiful - an apt name for this lovely yarn!


Rebecca Knit Kit with gorgeous ggh Bellina yarn - I Wool Knit

We stock ggh Bellina in 12 shades- plenty for you to choose from! We also have a number of knit kits available that will give you ideas on how to use this yarn. Highly recommended, check it out now: ggh Bellina.

An alternative to hairy faux fur: Bouclé yarns.

Want to create a faux fur fashion garment but don't like fluffy yarn? Not every fur needs to be hairy furry!

Think outside the box: Choose a bouclé yarn such as ggh Limba. ggh Limba is a 100% super wash Merino yarn made with lots of loops and curls of similar size which run along the whole length of the yarn. This creates an unusual and very natural looking texture and results in a beautiful stitch appearance.

Great for beginners: The bouclé character of ggh Limba will hide uneven stitches and is perfect for beginners and proficient knitters alike.  

You can choose from a large range of colours and some beautiful patterns. Have a look at ggh Limba now to feel inspired!

Wrap around cardigan in ggh Limba Merino bouclé yarn - Rebecca Knit Kit - I Wool Knit

Personally, I have used ggh Limba for a gorgeous jumper and found it superb. The final product has a lovely springiness to it and is really nice to wear. Enjoy!  

Want to see all our faux fur and fluffy yarns in one spot? Check out our faux fur yarn collection now!


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