Did you know? You can crochet socks!

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Yes, you can crochet socks!

You need 100g sock yarn (check out our fabulous range of sock yarns), a crochet hook size 2-3mm and our crochet sock pattern.

The pattern for the socks (first image) is written out for size 38/39 (EU shoe size = 25.5cm foot length), with additional stitch numbers for sizes (EU) 40/41 and 42/43. This is roughly the equivalent of Australian shoe sizes 7-7.5/ 9-10 and 11/11.5.

In fact, working a heel is much easier to do in crochet than in knitting - and once you have worked it out, you will have no problem making crochet socks in any size you need.

Crochet socks in variegated yarn are a lot of fun - just don't expect the pattern to show up in the same was as for knitted socks.

If you are after something a bit warmer to wear around the house, you should give crochet slippers a go!

These are worked with two strands of yarn for extra strength. The unusual pattern is achieved through the clever use of relief stitches.

You need 2x100g of sock yarn in 4ply to make this pattern. The pattern is available in EU size 38/39 (= approximately AU size 7-8), but as you start working from the toe, it is very easy to adjust the pattern to fit your feet.

If you prefer knitting, check out this blog entry on knitting socks 3 ways.

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