Cruelty free fur fashion? Yes, you can!

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Most people shy away from wearing fur garments because we have become so much more aware of the level of animal cruelty implicated in the fur industry. In recent years, faux fur has become popular as a substitute for natural furs.

However, that has created it's own range of problems, as most faux fur yarns on the market are made from 100% acrylic fibres.

ggh Lavella is different thanks to its high natural fibre content of 50% Alpaca and 30% wool.

The yarn is beautiful - and yes, you can now create your own stunning fur coat with a wide collar that is stylish and elegant without the cruelty of real fur.

We sell knit kits for the coat and the collar separately. That way you can mix and match - or create a coat without the collar, if you prefer! The collar can also be worn on other garments, including jumpers and cardigans. It's really up to your imagination!

Love the hat? Good news - We also stock the crochet kit for the beret!


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  • Thank you for your feedback, Liz!

    Barbara, I Wool Knit on
  • Thankyou for great news letter , especially re jo sharps yarns , I am a big fan of hers , so was good to get the latest , thks !!

    Liz thomson on

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