Cotton or wool - what yarn for summer?

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Working with classic 8ply wool when temperatures go up is not everyones cup of tea. The yarn can feel too warm and maybe doesn't slide along the needle as nicely as you are used to. Luckily, there are alternatives! 

I Wool Knit

Cotton and linen are fantastic summer fibres with excellent breathability. They will be pleasant to wear in warmer temperatures, too.

You may find that a knitted top may even outperform your cotton t-shirt. Choose a looser knit or a lace pattern that will let airflow through - just what you need when it is getting hot outside!

We have a large range of knit kits in cotton and cotton-linen yarns available for you - have a look through our beautiful summer patterns to get ideas for your next project! All our knit kits include the recommended amount of yarn plus a free pattern download. 

Cotton and linen yarns tend to be less elastic than wool, but if that worries you, choose a yarn blend with cotton and Merino (ggh Volante - very soft), or pick one of our cotton-viscose blends such as Rellana Diamant Cotton (beautiful sheen, great for knitting) or ggh Manila (excellent drape, perfect for both knitting and crochet). 

For the environmentally conscious knitter and crocheter, we now stock 100% certified organic cotton yarns (ggh Cottonea) and recycled Denim yarn (ggh Reva) in a range of beautiful colours. 

If you like multi-coloured and variegated yarns, check out Rellana Adina Batik in 100% cotton or Rellana Xenia (cotton-viscose blend). 

Having said all of that, wool itself does have excellent qualities that should not be dismissed outright when it comes to summer. You just want to make the right choice - go for a lighter yarn weight and high quality Merino or Merino-silk blends. ggh Lacy is a great yarn for all but the very hottest days - and it is so smooth that you will love working with it in any technique, be it knitting or crochet. 

So, put aside your winter knits and pick out from our beautiful range of summer yarns! 

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