Correction of Errata: 'Summer Sweater in Cotton Denim' downloadable pattern

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I have been alerted to an error in the "Summer Sweater in Cotton Denim" pattern. 

For the small 'weave pattern', replace "yarn over 1 purlwise" in rows 2 and 4 for "slip 1 purl wise". There are no increases in the weave pattern!

The corrected version of the pattern is now uploaded to the website. If you have previously purchased this pattern, you should have received an email alerting you to the fact that an updated version is now available, with a link to the download page. 

My apologies for the error and thank you very much to the customer who pointed this out to me! If you have any questions or notice something that does not make sense in a pattern you purchased from us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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