Casting On and Binding Off

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Cast on and bind offMost of us will have one way of casting on and maybe a couple of ways of binding off.

But did you know that there are over 50 different ways to cast on and bind off, and that they have different looks and different functions? 

A beautiful cast-on and bind-off will give your project a level of perfection that may be missing if you only use your the method you learnt when you first took up knitting. 

Leslie Ann Bestor's book 'Cast On Bind Off. 54 Step-by-Step Methods' is a great introduction into all these different techniques. The book shows 33 cast ons and 21 bind offs for different projects. The book contains detailed instructions and step-by-step photos.

Even very experienced knitters can still discover new and unexpected ways of performing what many consider to be the most basic stitches!

If you are keen to do an in-depth online course after reading this book, online craft course provider Craftsy also offers a course on cast ons and bind off:

 40 Ways to Cast On & Bind Off

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