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It has been cold and miserable here in Bungendore in the last couple of weeks. The wind is howling around the house and it has been raining for days on end. What better way to cheer up and make the most of a grey winter's day than have a steaming hot cup of tea! 

Tea Cosies by Jenny Occleshaw - I Wool Knit review

Which brings me to the idea of tea cosies, this lovely British tradition of dressing up your tea pot to keep your tea hot for longer. 

Keen to get some ideas for tea cosies, I raided our library here in Bungendore and came across Jenny Occleshaw's beautiful book "Tea Cosies".

What can I say - this book is great fun, filled with many ideas for great projects. Who would have thought that you could turn your trusted tea pot into a "Crazy Echidna" or camouflage it as a "Green Willow"?

Or maybe you prefer "Abstract Art" or a tea pot covered in "Pink Sugar Mice"? Personally, I like the "Daffodils and Jonquils" which remind me that spring is just around the corner. 

This book has all that and more, including crazy fancy ideas ("Mad Hatter" anyone?) and more conservative but elegant tea cosies such as the "Rainy Days Cabled" cosy. 

If you like drinking tea and enjoy knitting something other than sweaters or hats, then this is the book for you! Available from Bookdepository

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