Book Review: Mini Skein Knits

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If you are an avid knitter, you will eventually find yourself with a stack of left over yarns from your various projects. The yarn is too good to be thrown out, but you do not really have enough to make something with it. Or do you?

Book Review: Mini Skein KnitsThat's where this little gem of a book comes in. "Mini Skein Knits" by Lark Crafts will give you many great ideas to get those creative juices flowing. 

Mini Skein Knits is divided into four sections: 

1. For the Head, Neck & Shoulders contains gorgeous colourful hats, fair isle headbands, beautiful scarves and lovely cowls. 

2. For the Hands, Legs & Feet gives you ideas on how to use smaller amounts of yarn to create colourful leg warmers, mittens and socks. 

3. For the Body shows you how to combine different colours to create striped cardigans or striped jumpers. 

4. For the Home has suggestions for using your smaller skeins of yarn to create useful and pretty items you can use around your house, from oven towels and mug cozies to pillows covers. 

Mini Skein Knits is one of those books that is bound to have something for everyone.

I am particularly partial to the colourful hats, cowls and mittens in this book - what a great way to bring out the very best in all those beautiful left-over yarns! 

The benefit of working smaller items (hats, cowls, mittens, coasters, cup warmers) is that you can try out new stitches or difficult patterns without having to work a whole garment in them. 

The only patterns I find somewhat uninspiring are the striped jumper and cardigan in part 3. The patterns in this chapter also don't quite fit the aim of the book as they will actually need far more than just smaller balls of yarn. 

Use Mini Skein Knits as guide to a guilt free way of playing around with yarn and be creative with what you have - better to use that lovely left-over yarn for something than have it sitting in some box waiting to get entangled with all the other left-over odds and ends!

So, if you have accumulated a good stash of left-over yarn that you don't have a pattern for, then Mini Skein Knits  would be a great book to have. 

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