Book Review: Knitting Plus

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Knitting Plus - Knitting for plus-sized knittersThere are many reasons why people knit - it is a great way to relax, it is fun to make things that you can use, you have a far greater choice in colours and material than when you buy ready-made products and you it is deeply satisfying to own and wear something made by hand. 

There is one other major reason why people knit - it gives you the option to create something that will actually fit your body shape, whether you are short or tall, have very long arms or a fuller figure.

Unfortunately, most patterns only come in standard sizes, and it is up to you to redesign them to suit your personal fit. 

If you are a plus-sized knitter, Knitting Plus by Lisa Shroyer was designed for you. It contains 15 beautiful projects for gorgeous jumpers and cardigans, with patterns ranging from plain stocking stitch to intricate lace patterns. 

In addition, the author also discusses which sweater shapes will best fit plus-sized figures, which elements of a standard sweater construction need to be adjusted to ensure a better fit and how to use your personal body measurements to create patterns that will fit you. 

The patterns come with detailed explanations on how to read pattern diagrams, many photos, including close-ups to illustrate various techniques and examples on how to use various design elements to your advantage. 

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