Book Review: 101 Socks

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101 socks - I Wool Knit book review"101 Socks" is the English translation of the fabulous German sock knitting book "101 Socken" by OzCreativ. This is one book I use frequently as my main sock knitting guide.

Most sock knitting books will provide one or maybe two versions of how to shape heel and toes, but this book contains them all: socks worked on double pointed needles and circular needles, socks done on the addi express, traditional socks and toe up socks.

There are a multitude of different heels - traditional heels, boomerang  heels and cleverly designed spiral socks which require no decreases or increases to form the heel. 

In addition, this books offers over a hundred different patterns - from cabled socks to lacy socks, country socks to sports socks, kids socks plus socks for winter and summer.

We offer a  range of Flotte Socke sock knitting yarns in single colour, variegated and self-patterning varieties which are perfect for many of the patterns in this book.

If you like our felted slippers you will love the beautiful felting ideas in this book - felted slippers 'ballerina style', cute felted animal slippers and even felted crochet patterns. You can use our specialised 'Filzwolle' felting yarn for all felting projects. 

If you are interested in sock knitting and only want to buy one book, this is the one to get. 

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