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There is absolutely no doubt that lace patterns are among the most satisfying projects in knitting and crochet. 

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And yet, when you think about it, every lace pattern is based on just a handful of basic stitches. In knitting, you are good to go if you know how to knit, purl, do a yarn over and work a couple of different ways to knit stitches together so that they slant to the left or the right or come together in the middle. 

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The tricky bit about lace knits is usually not the actual technique itself but reading a pattern and keeping track of where you are in the pattern. 

Of course you can print out your pattern and mark on your print out how far you have progressed. But did you know that you can also use an app on your phone to keep track of where you are in a pattern? I like using an app called knitCompanion for pattern reading. knitCompanion is available for iOS and Android. You can import any pdf pattern into this app and then use the app to mark exactly where you are up to with your work. 

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Another great trick is to use a so-called 'lifeline' when working lace patterns. A lifeline is essentially a length of waste yarn that is worked through a single row of stitches. The lifeline works like an interim flexible knitting needle: If you have made a mistake, you can safely unravel your knitting down to the lifeline and then pick up your stitches from the lifeline without having to worry that some of your stitches might drop further.

The easiest way to add a lifeline is to use KnitPro needles. Why? There is a small hole at the cable end of the KnitPro needle tips which is there so you can use a small key to tighten the tip onto the cable. You can use this hole to feed in your waste yarn (same way you would feed yarn into a sewing needle). While you work your next row, the waste yarn feeds through your stitches together with your needle. Once you have finished a row, cut the waste yarn and you now have a lifeline ready to rescue you if need be! 

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