Autumn yarns in stock now!

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Autumn yarns in stock now!

 Autumn in South-Eastern Australia - copyright: I Wool Knit

The hot days of summer are finally over and autumn has arrived in our corner of south-eastern Australia. There could not be a better time for taking up knitting! Our variable autumn weather with it's mixture of warm and cool days and cooler evenings requires knitwear that is comfortable, soft and light yet able to keep us warm when temperatures drop outside.

We have some great yarns that work well in the current season.

Denim - autumn yarn cotton - I Wool KnitHave a look at our Denim cotton yarns, as can be seen in the green short-sleeved top pictured on the left which combines stockinette stitch and crochet patterns. 

Denim is a beautiful yarn in a range of friendly colours that will offset any grey weather! The spray-painted variegation of this yarn makes it fun to knit with and creates a lovely patterned effect without too much effort.

short sleeved cardigan pattern - I Wool Knit

Another fine yarn that would work perfectly both as a base layer and for a cardigan or light-weight jumper is Mulberry Silk Georgette which was used for the red, short-sleeved cardigan to the right and the light-coloured long-sleeved jacket below. 

knitted long-sleeved cardigan made from Mulberry Silk yarn - I Wool Knit



An autumn-friendly alternative is Alpaca Kid Lustre, a beautiful soft yarn which combines all the benefits of alpaca yarns: light-weight, warm in winter, cool in summer, silky yet strong, and so soft and smooth that it is a pleasure to work with and to wear.  Knitting patterns for Mulberry Silk Georgette can be easily adapted to Alpaca Kid Lustre.

For your evenings out, you could add a sparkling effect with Lumina, a glittering yarn with viscose and sequins. Or maybe you would like to add some luxury with our exquisite Kid Mohair?

We are adding the patterns on this page to our pattern collection, with more to come!


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