Felting in the Washing Machine

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I have always loved the idea of felting but the process of hand-felting seemed arduous until I was introduced to machine felting using 'wash and felt' yarns. 

Felting Yarn felted slippers - I Wool KnitMachine felting is a great and easy way to create unique, felted objects simply in your washing machine. Most yarns that are 100% wool will felt to some extent, with the exception of "super wash" varieties. However, to ensure the best results for your projects, we are now stocking loosely spun 'wash and felt' yarn that was specifically created with felting in mind.

You have never done any felting before and feel a bit daunted by the process? I suggest you start with a smaller project such as hand-made slippers. You will be surprised how simple it is and how much you will enjoy the result!

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