Knitted Dog Jumpers

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Watching our little short-haired puppy shivering in the cold, I thought I should have a look around the Internet to see what patterns are available for knitting a dog jumper. 

dog jumper pattern I found a few patterns that are fun to make, and best of all, the patterns are free to download and I thought they would be worth sharing with you!

Make and Build Dog Stuff offer a simple but fun pattern for a knitted dog jumper that is knitted all in one piece using only basic knit and purl stitches. 

The pattern includes instructions on how to change the size to fit any jumper pattern

Another pattern from the same website consists of eight narrow panels that are then put together for a perfect fit. 

Having small, narrow panels means that this is a great project to knit when you are out and about. 

 knitted dog sweater - I Wool Knit

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